Monday, January 12, 2009

love, sunshine and home

Sunshine is what every great friendship should offer. I know a dear girl that you can find most days here, toiling away in her most beautiful little shop, Content. Minnie is her name and she really is like sunshine to me, she is one of those glorious people that always brings a smile to your heart, without fail. Even when she is being all doomy gloomy, she has a habit of saying 'its so hard' and 'its all bad', she is still sunshiny. She is one of the sweetest people on this planet and I am proud to call her my friend and for my children to call her their Aunty Minnie. She is ultimately a joy seeker which is why she is always such a pleasure to be around, she is always beautiful and always inspiring.

Home, is what my family is to me. I am so grateful to this glorious world for providing me with the most wonderful children. They light my everyday and inspire me always to be all that i can be, it sounds cliched but there is a reason why people refer to their loved ones in this way, its because its truth. And you've got to love truth:) I wake up everyday knowing that life is great because I have these wonderful people as my family. I could go into detail about each of my daughters but I will save that for another day...

Love, Home and kisses that still give me tingles are my wonderful Jeremy. I can't tell you how great it is to see him every morning and feel glad that he is in my life. Seriously, this guy drives me crazy but life wouldn't be quite so shiny without him :) I always rant at him about how we have nothing in common and to be truthful on paper we really don't have much in common but he gets me, he never really knows what i'm talking about and he doesn't really share my vision for most things but all that aside, he gets ME, the me that i thought no-one would ever get and if they did they would run a mile. He gets me and he loves me for it and for that i am so glad xxx.

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Lulu said...

What a lovely photo. Did you take it?