Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Looking for the magic

Think this place looks magical? Well it is. This is Princes Square and one of my most favourite places, i visit here almost everyday and the minute I walk through the gate its beauty just takes hold of me. This is my 'church', this is where i come to clear my head, where i come to get perspective and where i can come and feed the birds. I love feeding birds, when you lay on the ground and hold out your hand and if your really still the birds will come and eat out of your hand. Its nice and its a nice thing to share with your kids. Miss Maggie and I came here yesterday morning, nice and early and it was such a lovely way to start the day.

Maggie extended her breakfast...
and tried demanding that the birds do the same.... by running at them.
they weren't persuaded. Try explaining quiet to a toddler;)

There is magic everywhere, another one of those cliched, bumperstickers, but its true. Many people forget to look for it or don't believe it has any merit in todays world, these are the same people who complain all the time. So next time you feel like complaining, look around, find something you do like and comment on that instead. It will get easier with practice and soon you will find that you don't really have much to complain about anyway and plenty to appreciate and in all seriousness, its pretty uninspiring being around someone who complains all the time, so be uplifting instead!

I had a terribly uninspiring morning this morning and instead of getting out of the house and wandering up to the park or to the gorge or any of the other beautiful parks in this city, I sat in my work room and alternated between lamenting how terrible my work is and how messy i am, with breaking needles on my machine and making fine examples of the worst work i have ever done. Seriously, why we choose to complain I will never know and I see no point in trying to analyse it. fullstop. What I do know is that next time I will make the better choice of, going for a walk with my family, appreciating the fact that my partner has a day off, enjoying the sunshine and looking for magic or even better letting magic find us. I am glad that the complaining bug only catches me occasionally these days and that i am pretty good at shaking it off. It hasn't always been that way and i am glad for the contrast. (and i bet my family and friends are too, how they handled being around me when i was gloominous doom i will never know!)

This afternoon ended with the promise of wonderful days to come in the shape of a creative collaboration with a wonderful friend and i sincerely look forward to sharing this. See, magic surprises are always around the corner, aren't you glad? xxx

Well, I have no real idea what i have written here, it could all be a load of gobbledy gook but apart from Gemma I'm not so sure anyone is reading it anyway, hahahaha, its very strange.

This blog is meant to have some franrosie relevance somewhere but since I haven't made anything today there will just have to be hope that tomorrow will be more productive and that I will have loads of franrosie pics to share. Oh and the vegan recipes!!! Yep, will have one of those too xxx

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