Sunday, January 11, 2009

Always remember to have an adventure

Well, I'm not really sure where I'm going with todays entry so I will just keep typing and see how it evolves..............

I have had a pretty great day today, Mr J started work at seven so it was an early start for him, but Miss Maggie and I stayed in bed 'til 9.00, this is huge for us as our normal time to get up and at 'em is around 6-6.30. After some pottering we meandered down to Royal Park and then met beautiful Gemma, Edie and Duncan at the seaport and then had a wonderful stroll through to the Esk Market, with a bit of building perving on the way. I love checking out old buildings, I could do it all day everyday and never ever tire of it. I should take some photos to share soon, yes i will, i promise:)

Now, this book of mine that i want to write is hopefully going to be about how wonderfully a persons life experience can change when they choose to only focus on the good stuff and i thought if I can jot down my day to day joys and challenges it might inspire others or at least make it more personal than a how-to self help book. So here i would like to share a little story about making the most of each day and trying not to hide behind that pushy little friend called shyness, you know that turd of a friend who is always telling you to shoosh and stop drawing attention to yourself, well, tell shyness to bugger off and be you, because remember only you can be you and if your not being you well we are all missing out on something special xxx

So on to this story of mine, its about a girl called Gemma. Mr J, Magnolia and I were out at Evandale Market one lovely Sunday morning when i stumble across a stall selling the most WONDERFUL, vintage inspired, little girls dresses that you ever did see. Gemma is the creator of these dresses and is also one of the bestest girls i have ever met, anyway i compliment her on said dresses and ask for her card and she remarks that she has possibly seen me around and i am too shy to really say more and off we wander with me raving in Jeremys ear about how lovely she was and how beautiful her dresses are and how when we are all cashed up I'm a gonna get me some! On the way home in the car I wrote Gemma a text message asking her if she would like to catch up sometime and quickly sent it before I lost my nerve and tried not entertain any thoughts of 'as if she would want to be my friend', turns out Gemma never got that message as I had typed her number in incorrectly but my little ladies and I ran into her at another market a week later, in the meantime i had read her blog but then for some reason thought that would seem stalkerish (??) so didnt let on that i already knew heaps of stuff about her and thought she was fabulous but obviously way too witty and cool for me, but still I put on my brave boots, told her about the message and asked would she like to catch up for a coffee (i drink decaffeinated tea btw!) she said yes and I was so excited, but i tried to keep it cool, hahaha. Anyway to cut this ridiculously long story short, six months ago, or maybe more, I would never have had the nerve to do this and would have lamented my lack of confidence, but this time I took a chance and have made a friend for life, this is a girl i fell in love with almost immediately and I know a good friend when i find one, I have had the priviledge of falling in love with a few goodens. And not only is Gemma the bomb, she has a wonderful husband Duncan, a fabulous mum and a beautiful little lass, Edie, who is only a couple of months younger than my Magnolia!!! These guys have enriched our lives so much and now we couldn't imagine life without them, So if instinct tells you to go for it, whatever it is, then go for it, you really don't know what you could miss out on.

Catch you tomorrow with more words of wisdom, bahhahahahaha xxx

p.s remember to pop outside and appreciate the wonderful full moon x

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Loz and Dinny said...

I am so honoured to have met such a beautiful woman and her family ... I cannot tell you how lovely it was to stumble across these beautiful words ... and they were about me x much love to you, you special special thing - there is no coincidence in this world only paths we are meant to travel -I'm so glad ours merged xx